Ship in shape
mooring products.

Ship in shape produces high quality leather mooring products for superyachts. The handmade products are made on the beautifull island of Mallorca. The company has years of experience in the superyacht industry around the world and knows the demands of the clients.

Ship in shape
mooring products.

Wij leveren Ship in Shape producten voor superyachten.

Fender hooks with stainless steel base


The fender hooks of Ship in Shape with a stainless steel base are used for new yachts, but also for restoration work. They are the heavy duty solution for fixture of fenders. The stainless steel base has 5mm thickness. the Carbon fibre cam cleats are from Ronstan. The rope guides, chafing plates and cleats are custom made. Each model is custom made according to the yacht´s specifications. Ship in Shape offers new builts as well as full restoration.

Heaving lines

strong and robust

Throw your heaving lines in style. Finest leather and handmade quality with a touch of nautical tradition. The iconic sand bag with the decorative knot (400g) and the classic model with steel eyelet (300g). Both are made of full grain leather with sand filling. Handstiched with subtle details.

Fender hooks for pipe rails

Wat wij zoal verder maken

The fender hooks for pipe rails are light, easy-to-use and easy to fix on several sized tubes. The outside is made of thick full grain marine leather and the innerside is a flexible full grain marine leather. The base is made of aluminium for extra strong high-quality webbing. The standard model can be used on 22-38 mm diameter pipe rails and line diameters of 6 to 12 mm.

Shore power sleeves

ultra durable nylon

These handmade sleeves keep the cables and hoses between boat and dock protected and in order. Usually they are fastened to mooring lines. The sleeves are made out of Ultra-durable nylon and polyester fabrics. They are fast-drying, UV. and seawater-resistant. Reinforcements and hanging straps are extra strong and robust.

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