What holds solid as a rock, is light as a feather and doesn’t hurt if it hits you on the head? GeoLink, the textile shackle made of DynaOne®! Handling is a cinch too and it also costs considerably less than its stainless steel counterpart. Areas of deployment: Everywhere on board where something needs to be connected.

  • Rope shackle made from DynaOne® (100% Dyneema® SK78)
  • GeoLink will tighten under tension and can be easily opened again when relaxed
  • Non-metallic end termination with remarkable break load at ultra-low weight
  • Available in a GeoPack

Load elongation curve

Beschikbare kleuren

Technische data

Ø (mm) overall length in closed condition (mm) SWL (daN) BI. linear [daN]* Colour
4 85 335 670 Grey
8 110 700 1.200 Red
10 110 1200 3.500 Grey
12 125 1595 4.250 Grey
14 150 2795 7.000
18 175 3990 10.000 Grey

Op rol, custom-made, serie werk of enkele stuks.

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